Hey guys, I’m Donnie. I’ve been a guitar player for 23 years and a gear junkie for a few. Lately I have been accused of being a Tone Snob. I guess I agree. I love good tone, the pedals, amps and guitars that produce those tones. I have been building boards and cases now for a while, striving to come up with new and innovative ideas, while using the best materials available. My goal with Tone Snob Pedalboards is to build high quality boards and cases at affordable prices. Each board is carefully hand built and produced one at a time.  Patience may be required once you order one of my boards, but I’m told the wait is well worth it.  



Our Team:


Donnie - Head Builder/Designer

Jeff - CNC Router and Side Cutter 

Kevin - Wiring and Electronics Wizard



We would love to build you the board of your dreams.