Standard wasn't good enough?  That's okay, we thought so to. Below are our Snob Options.  After all, nothing is to good when it comes to your gear.  We feel that these options can take your board to the next level.

Board Snob Options 

Snob Options:

  •  Backlit Logo

  •  Custom Name Tags (Metal, Wood)

  •  Locking Neutrick Jacks 

  •  XLR Jack 

  •  Midi Jack

  •  USB Jack 

  •  Lava Cable Right Angle plugs wired to the input/output jacks

  •  Stereo Output

  •  Matching Bottom Cover

  •  Handles

  •  Leather Corner Caps

  •  Marshall Style Corner Caps (Cases only)

  •  Recessed Amp Handle (Stand alone wedge boards only) 

  •  Power Switch Plate

  •  Toggle Power Switch & Pilot Light

  •  Rocker Power Switch

  •  Speakon Power Jack

  •  Single Hole (2 inch Hole)

  •  Custom Slot Design 

  •  Small Pedal Wedge

  •  Large Pedal Wedge


Specialty Finishes:

  •  Weathered/Relic'd Tweed

  •  Copper Stripe (Patina)

  •  Aztec Stripe/Covering

  •  Ivory Western

  •  Distressed Oak

  •  Specialty Fabrics (Upon request and approval)


Wether you'd like a board with standard features or fully custom, please fill out our Custom Quote form and we will contact you to finalize your board.


Standard Options:

  • Tolex or Tweed Covering*

  • 2 Tele Cup Style 1/4 Jacks

  • 2 In-line 1/4 Jack (underneath board)

  • IEC Power Jack

  • 4 - 6 Slot Layout 

  • Velcro Carpet Covered Top

  • Rubber Feet